Monday, November 2, 2015

Job 2: Sealing the Backglass

This is the back side of the backglass for my Flying Carpet. The dark grey areas are opaque and block the light, the light gray areas are translucent and let the light through to highlight certain areas of the artwork and the score and credit windows are transparent.

As is frequently the case with older machines, the heat and wear causes the translucent paint to flake and chip away. This backglass has a few missing chips, but I've seen a lot worse. The big problem is that it had a lot of flaking - paint raising up from the glass - and all it takes is a strong breeze for those bits to flake off.

So I bought a $5 can of Krylex Triple Thick Glaze at my local store and coated the back of the playfield. There's nothing I can do about the missing chips, but the flaking bits are now locked down, sealed tight to the glass. Potential crisis averted!

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