Thursday, October 29, 2015

Job 1: Refinish the Head

It's good to start a big project with something easy. As usual, Gottlieb engineers made it easy for me to gut out the mechanics and hardware of the head, leaving only the wooden box. Here, you can see the original bright mauve color, preserved from fading on the inside of the box.

After sanding, I have a clean start. No need to re-finish the inside.

After filling a few chips and scrapes with wood filler, the new base color goes on. Man, is that pink!

I created stencils based on the original artwork and carefully cut them out of acetate. The lesson I learned from Jet Spin is to use light coats of spray paint and build slowly, rather than try do cover it in one coat.

The second coat goes on...

... and the stencil comes off. Looking good! Now I just need to do the black on the other side and the yellow stripes on the sides and front.  Putting the mechanics and hardware back in is just as easy as taking them out.

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