Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Project: Flying Carpet

Jet Spin is done and I'm enjoying it a lot, but I was looking on Craigslist and came across a project I couldn't pass up - one of my all-time favorite machines, Flying Carpet. This is a one-player Gottlieb wedgehead from 1972.

It's unusual for a few reasons - it has no inlanes at the bottom, just two pairs of vicious outlanes. And it's also missing slingshots, normally found by the flippers. It sounds difficult, but this machine is going to be a lot of fun because it's a speller - the object is to spell the words "FLYING CARPET" by hitting the standup targets and rollovers throughout the playfield, which lights the specials.

Flying Carpet was sort of an inbetween-eras game for Gottlieb because it's a puzzle-based one-player wedgehead like the ones that were popular in the 60's but it has three-inch flippers and many of the fittings and more advanced internal features found in late-70's games.

The machine I got is in decent shape, so it should be fun to restore!

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