Saturday, June 6, 2015

Job 11: Re-Assebly

The clear coat is done, the surface is polished, protected and waxed, and it's time to put this machine back together!  I started by re-attaching the small things: rollover switches, standups, vari-target and ball return guides.

Next, I installed the flippers and placed bulbs in the sockets.

Now for the large components: re-assembling the pop bumpers and the rotating target.

This required some soldering, so after installing the pops, I held my breath and hit the on button...

Success!  Everything lights as it should! I could go ahead and put the upper arch and lower apron on and re-install the wire ball guides.

Finally, it was time to screw in the posts, fit all the rubber parts, and get the plastics in place.  It looks gorgeous!  I used orange silicone parts from - as bouncy as white rubber but more durable and better looking. The orange really pops against the blue background.