Monday, November 9, 2015

Job 4: Adjust Cabinet Mechs

One thing I always like to do with my EM machines is boost the transformer. Out of the factory, these machines were set to normal tap, but today's grid can take the extra load and converting it to high tap power boosts the pop bumpers, making the game faster and more fun.  It's just a matter of finding the red wire on the transformer...

... un-soldering it, and re-soldering it to the high tap node.

Done!  Next, I had a look at the chimes unit, which needed a little upgrade. The middle chime especially needed help, as it was just going "thunk" instead of "ding!"  Disassembling is easy.

I cleaned things up, installed new rubber grommets on the chime bars and added new nylon washers. Then, I re-assembled the unit in the reverse order that I took it apart.

Now it sounds and looks beautiful again!

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