Saturday, May 30, 2015

Job 10: Finishing the Clearcoat

Three weeks have passed and the clear coat is adequately cured! I gave the entire surface a polish with medium-cut cleaner and then Novus 2 to bring it to a nice shine. Not a high-gloss mirror shine, but an "EM" shine, appropriate for a 1977 game.

Next, for further protection of the sensitive areas, I applied some clear adhesive mylar. One in front of each slingshot... in front of the roto target, and some circles under the pop bumpers.

Based on my repair work, it's evident that the spot between the kickout hole and the lower pop bumper gets a lot of action, so I decided to make a custom mylar for that area. First, I cut a shape out of paper and refined the shape by trimming it as needed.

Then, I traced it in reverse onto the backing of a mylar sheet...

... and cut it out.

I removed the backing and placed it carefully and voila! Protected!

Next, I gave the entire surface three coats of carnuba wax...

...and buffed it to a nice shine!


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