Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Project: Jet Spin!

With Fun Land sold, my kitchen was looking awfully empty, so I did some looking and found a beautiful 1977 Jet Spin as my next project! It was a 90 minute drive north of home and with a borrowed SUV and help from a friend, I was able to buy it and bring it home. Mechanically, it looks to be in perfect working condition.

The cabinet is in really good shape for a 38-year-old machine and had a few minor dings and scratches. The previous owner told me that it was home use only since 1995, but before that it seems to have spent time in a venue that allowed smoking - the cabinet should be white, rather than yellow.  

The playfield is mostly just dirty and, aside from a few wear spots that need to be re-painted, should clean up really well.  The only other issue is that all 21 playfield inserts are badly cupped and will need to be replaced. I've never done it before, but am looking forward to that little adventure.

Here are some close-ups of the playfield before restoration:

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