Thursday, February 26, 2015


This is the spot in my kitchen where, until today, my Fun Land lived.

After making the gameplay videos posted earlier, I placed an ad on and put up "for sale" posts on the forum pages. Within a few hours I had three responses and one of them was serious enough about the machine to plan a trip from Cleveland. Less than two weeks later, they arrived with plastic wrap and a pickup truck, bought my machine and took it to its new home at a well-curated boutique arcade.

They told me that they were used to buying and fixing worn out machines, but this was the nicest purchace they'd yet made - a plug-and-play machine!

I hope my Fun Land loves its new home and that the new owners love playing it. But don't be sad for me - I've already bought my next project machine and have gotten a head start on it!

More to come soon!

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