Thursday, December 18, 2014

Assessment Part 2

The next step would be to have a look inside the machine and with no keys, this would be a challenge. I Googled "how to pick a lock" and learned the basic theories involved, all while getting red flagged by various law enforcement agencies. About an hour of experimenting, jiggling and jabbing at the lock with paperclips and tiny screwdrivers, I got the coin door open!  I immediately took the lock off the door and made a note to add a new one to my shopping list. Two in fact - the back box needed a new one as well.

I knew from my previous machines how to get the lock bar off and slide the glass out, but it took a minute to figure out that there's a second lever inside the machine. I pulled to release it and the playfield and lifted right up.

I was surprised to find it relatively clean! Just a few cobwebs in the corners, some dust, and bits of stale popcorn, along with a handful of loose bulbs, washers and nuts rolling around on the bottom.  I can't wait to explore around and figure out what all this does. 

The underside of the playfiled was also relatively clean for a 40+ year-old game and I just spotted a few places that would need attention.  With the machine open I could start making a shopping list and come up with a plan for getting everything in proper working order!

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