Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Assessment: Part 1

When I got my new project home, I immediately set it up in my kitchen - really the only place in my small home where it would fit. I had an opportunity to look it over and play it before the auction, so I mostly knew what I was getting into.  Here are the pros:
  • The cabinet seems sturdy and will be easy to re-finish.
  • The playfield is just dirty and the colors aren't faded too badly. There are no major wear spots.
  • All the plastics are present and intact with no broken corners.
  • The back glass is flawless and the artwork is beautiful.
  • All the chimes and score reels are intact and working.
Here are the cons:
  • The coin door is badly beat up - someone did some damage trying to bust it open at one point.
  • There are no keys, so I couldn't look inside.
  • The left flipper is working but broken and will have to be replaced.
  • The graphics on the pop bumpers are faded - purely a cosmetic issue.
  • I noticed a couple of mechanical issues, but they seem relatively minor.
  • About half of the bulbs are burned out.
  • The tilt mechanism is way too sensitive, making it impossible to finish a game.
  • All the rubber parts need to be replaced - especially the rebound rubber, which looks original.
  • The flipper solenoids buzz whenever activated, which makes me nervous.
I have a lot of work ahead, but clearly, the pros outweigh the cons here. Most everything wrong with the machine looks easy to fix. I have to admit to a little bit of buyer's panic after getting the machine home and considered trying to unload it right away, but after living with it for a few days, I've calmed a bit and have come up with a plan of action for the project:

  1. Get the machine back into working mechanical shape
  2. Re-finish the cabinet
  3. Put it up for sale
I've also decided that if I can't find a buyer, I'd re-theme the machine into a one-of-a-kind pin by creating new playfield and back glass art.

Here are a few photos of the machine in "Before" condition:

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