Saturday, April 11, 2015

Job 4: Initial Cleaning

The next step in the process is to clean up the playfield and see what it looks like all shined up. This machine had years of accumulated dust to deal with, as you can see with my fingerprints, after I removed the apron.  No need to do a complete teardown, but I did remove all of the plastics, rubber, and bulbs.

I set those parts aside in their relative places, to make it easier to re-assemble later.

Here are some of the old rubber bands. As you can see, it was a mix of black and white and all had lost their bounce over the years.

These are some "before" close-up photos:

You can see streaks of brown grime on the surface, especially in that first photo.

I started by wiping the playfield down with 90% alcohol on a cotton cloth, gave it a polish with Novus 2 and hit the deep dirty spots with alcohol on a Magic Eraser. Here are the "after" photos:

Much better, but not perfect. There's quite a bit of planking and ball swirls, which are especially visible on the white and yellow bits.  That might take some re-painting.  But overall, I'm happy with the results.

I re-assembled the playfield just to get everything back in one piece but, since I knew that I'd be taking it apart again before long, I didn't tighten anything too far or add in the bulbs or rubber bands.  Next, it's time to order some new parts!


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